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Andrew Poyser, 27; Richard Williams, 33, Gladstone Johnson, 32; and Darren Phidd, 25, were all acquitted of murder.
His mother, Patricia Carter, was jailed for attempting to pervert the course of justice after she tried to hire a hitman to kill a key witness.
William Hoey, 52, from casino mond hotel preise Watford, was jailed for life in Jan 2001.Sep 14 John McNee, stabbed in Forestfields, Nottingham.It was known as the Red Riding Hood murder.She was reportedly the girlfriend of Levi Bellfield, who would later be a notorious serial killer.Dec 26 Anthony Kelman, bouncer, 30, shot outside a nightclub in Brixton.Tony Martin, 56, a farmer originally from Cambridgeshire, was jailed for life (9 years) in April 2000.She was seen walking towards the shop and looking in the window but did not enter.When he tried he was stabbed.Alan Duffy, 25, unemployed from Batley, was jailed for life at Leeds CC in 1995.They took more than 15,400 sets of fingerprints and more than 11,000 statements.May Shawn Keegan, 19, transvestite; Thomas aka Deanna Wilkinson, 31, transsexual prostitute; and Brenda Ludgate, 25, prostitute shot in a 2 hour spree over the Victoria Day weekend in Toronto, Canada.But serial killer Robert Black has also been linked to this unsolved murder.September 25 Derek Sheerin, 24, was strangled with a belt and dumped on waste ground near the Celtic Social Club in London Road, Glasgow.Oct 20 Anthony Savage, 16, from Woolwich died of head injuries after a brawl in Eltham, SE London.Dec 23 Anthony Morgan, 39, stabbed 15 times in Tuebrook, Liverpool.Roberts was having a relationship with his married (male) cousin at the time.
Wilson had taken Temazepam capsules and drunk alcohol on the night of the murder.
Her husbands lover Jenny Cupit, 24, was jailed for life in Jan 1999.
But her body was found in the River Idle in June.
Alessandro Emanuello, 31, and several others, were accused of the crime, which was linked to the mafia.
She was sexually assaulted and beaten/stabbed with kitchen knives, a can opener and a piece of decorative wood.
Istvan Dudas, 19, was jailed for 11 years in June 1998.
At the height of the inquiry, more than 200 detectives were looking for the murderer of the shy teenager.The trial heard Tulay had been having an affair with a 30-year-old man called Halil Unal.His brother William McDonagh, 30, and his sister-in-law, Noreen McDonagh, 27, were jailed for life in 1997.Lawrence Hughes, 20, from Finsbury Park, was jailed for life in Jan 1995.Dec 20 Cathy ONeill, 66, who suffered from a muscle-wasting disease had her head banged on the floor and her throat cut at home in Shepherds Bush, W London.One of the suspects, David Judge, 24, killed himself shortly afterwards.His neighbour Tolga Kurter, 20, a schizophrenic, was convicted of manslaughter (diminished responsibility) and sent to Rampton Hospital in Dec 1997.He died in a hospice in 2011.Brian Doherty, 19, who had been released from mental hospital the previous day, was jailed for life at Antrim CC in May 1995 after being convicted of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.David McMahon, 33, was jailed for life in Feb 1999.