Akbingo bug

AKB 1ji 59fun and, aKB 0ji 59fun, the numbers referring to its time slot.
Muramoto : So STU has started its activities.In episode 451, Muramoto revealed that he managed to get in touch with his (supposedly former) Arch-Enemy Hayasaka Tsumugi's father in Yamagata through their mutual associate, Yamagata-born comedian Miura Yuka, and got his recorded approval to prank his daughter, which is then played for her.Yuiyui : (mind blown gesture) Boom!Wearing pink stuff like this makes me cringe.Ma Chia-Ling often plays up her imperfect Japanese for laughs.
However, there are some members in their late 20s and the members' behavior can often become very atypical of idols.
Special - Wiz Auditions reset ( Team ultimate texas holdem strategy cards K - Theater ) June 27, Of Course is the Answer - Tozen Team B Oshi ( Team B - Theater ) July 4, Romance Privacy July 11, Popularity High Low Otona Jelly Beans (MV) July 18, Kibou.
As yankii : laaaaame!
Yasai Sisters Gomen ne, summer (MV) June 30, 2010 91 Young Members vs Old Members Quiz, Energy Delivery!
(Live) April 11, Selling Hobbies, Sashihara Rino vs Nogizaka46 10nen go no Kimi e (MV) April 18, Selling Hobbies, Sashihara Rino vs Nogizaka46, Phrase Museum Soredemo Suki da yo April 25, akbingo!Many episodes feature romantic encounter scenarios between the members and the Bifauxnen members, where they can act out their romantic fantasies without breaking the dating ban.Cloudcuckoolander : Ichikawa Miori is obsessed with becoming a fresh lemon and took Fresh Lemon as her nickname.Berserk Button : Okabe Rin, Team 8's Ibaraki representative, scolds people who pronounce her home prefecture as Ibaragi, including her seniors, even though many Ibaraki natives pronounce it that way." Episode 264 Naachan : (intimidating tone) Oi, Kashiwagi!Muramoto : Okay, now you're scaring.In episode 522, Takahashi Juri accuses Kato Rena of calling her by her nickname, "Egg to subtly say that she is fat.

HKT48 - Sakura, Minna de Tabeta (MV) March 11, Is Nishino Miki really hetare?
East Asian names follow the convention of that region (surname followed by given name).
It's the Oguri Senbatsu.