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So not only is Oracle NoSQL Database.0 replicating the data, but the secondary data centers feature also enables applications to define queries and workloads to be executed only on specific secondary zones.
Secondary zones allow enterprises to define remote data centers, which participate in global distribution via automatic asynchronous replication.
Tell us about the key features of this release and how it is enabling better big data processes and results.In the early years of NoSQL, the technology and feature focus was extremely developer-centric; it was all about feeds and speeds.In particular, we see products such as Oracle Event Processing and Oracle Real-Time Decisions software used to process and manage real-time events as well as caching products such as Oracle Coherence to cache both relational and nonrelational data in the same application cache grid.First, we see a lot of companies using Oracle NoSQL Database for what I call web scale personalization and transactional applications.NoSQL provides a cost-effective, high-performance, horizontally scalable database platform for very simple structured and semistructured data and simple operations at volume.In every case weve seen, there is definitely a relational database such as Oracle Database and a data warehouse in close proximity and, in fact, integrated with the data in the NoSQL databases.Its a flexible data model implemented using json JavaScript Object Notation structures, for storage as well as for table evolution.Enterprises are adopting NoSQL databases because they offer very flexible application developercentric data models and more-efficient operations for simple data structures.Segleau: Based on the customers weve talked to who have adopted Oracle NoSQL Database, I can summarize the use cases into three basic types.Oracle Magazine: What is the role of NoSQL in the enterprise today?This results in a highly efficient and scalable indexing scheme, which application developers can then take advantage of to meet the requirements of their high-volume, low-latency queries.This impacts lotto kiosk erdag hamburg the NoSQL technology industry in a couple of ways.The second use case that we see often is Oracle NoSQL Database being used for real-time event processing, and we typically see applications in fraud prevention, medical monitoring, factory automation, quality-of-service monitoring, and geolocation tracking.Segleau: NoSQL is part of the big data umbrella of technologies, and it plays a role in the architecture and deployment of big data solutions.Oracle Magazine: How are organizations using Oracle NoSQL Database today?
Oracle Magazine: Oracle recently announced a new release of Oracle NoSQL DatabaseOracle NoSQL Database.0.
Oracle Magazine: Tell us more about the new secondary data centers feature.
First of all, the decision-makers have changed; its no longer just the application developers who are choosing which NoSQL product to use.
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It complements Apache Hadoop and Hadoops distributed data processing by providing an equally distributed low-latency database platform for fast indexed data access directly from the MapReduce processes within Hadoop.Let Us Help, cisco at NetApp Insight Las Vegas.Industries for this kind of application include financial services, insurance, advertising, marketing, online catalogs, social media, and e-retail.This often results in NoSQL being used to create new applications or capture new data sets, or in some cases, to offload some of the data and operations from relational databases.Learn how Cisco data center products and solutions help drive the power of your data and transform your data center for the digital age.We often see these kinds of applications in customer service and customer self-service.Segleau: Oracle NoSQL Database introduced support for data centers in Release.1, allowing enterprises to allocate resources, essentially storage nodes, across data centers with automatic replication and failover between the different resources.This combination of capabilities enables enterprises to ensure continuity through global disaster recovery planning and to manage query and application load balancing across and between primary and secondary zones.This evolution also affects the features that are included in Oracle NoSQL Database.Oracle NoSQL Database.0 adds secondary data centers, which were now calling zones.The following is an excerpt from that interview; listen to the full interview at m/magcasts.Oracle Magazine: Tell us more about the new table data model and secondary indexes features.