Bing speech api example

Onlangfailure is permitted on all elements which can contain xml:lang, so it is a defined attribute for the speak, lang, desc, p, s, token, and w elements.
Voice attributes are inherited down the tree including to within elements that casino delitzsch öffnungszeiten toto lotto karakus hannover change the language.
The say-as element has three attributes: interpret-as, format, and detail.Legal formats are "n "n.Note that if a token is not within the scope of merkur spielautomat tricks dm at least one lookup element, then the token can only be looked up in the built-in system lexicons.Development Tools and Languages, server and Enterprise, services.desc xml:lang"en-US" Kennedy's famous German language gaffe /desc /audio /lang /speak The desc element can only contain descriptive text.Synthesis processors should support a value for alphabet of " ipa corresponding to Unicode representations of the phonetic characters developed by the International Phonetic Association IPA.The actual duration of the audio is 5 seconds: the clip begins at 2 seconds into the audio and ends after 7 seconds, hence a duration of 5 seconds.Inserted new section.2.5 defining profiles.
In.1.10, added a new optional "type" attribute with values of "default" (the default) and "ruby".
Another issue is the handling of words with non-standard spellings or pronunciations.
The interpret-as attribute is always required ; the other two attributes are optional.A simple English example is "cup break/ board outside the token and w elements, the synthesis processor will treat this as the two tokens "cup" and "board" rather than as one token (word) with a pause in the middle.A content attribute is required.2.3.3 VoiceXML The Voice Extensible Markup Language vxml enables Web-based development and content-delivery for interactive voice response applications (see voice browser ).In all parts of the UK, road data from the Ordnance Survey can also be displayed.Although such indication is not required, to encourage it this document provides such indication on all of the examples.s s The first is from Stephanie Williams and arrived at break/ 3:45pm.