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Briefing, game conservation in AfricaHorns, claws and the bottom line.
Schalke: uniting ducks and miningGetty Images.
A shortened version of Hotspur, which comes from Harry Hotspur, a medieval English nobleman who appears in Shakespeare's Henry IV Part 1 and was famous for his riding spurs and fighting cocks.Rwanda's meddling in CongoRevisiting the killing fields.It comes from the club logo, which is itself inspired by the crest of the Byzantine Empire.Asia, india's disappointing governmentMuch less than promised.South African politicsWith friends like these.The salmonella outbreakUn oeuf is enough.Maids in the Middle EastLittle better than slavery.KAL's cartoon, leaders, the internetThe web's new walls, pakistan's cricket scandalCrossing the boundary.
There is a hammer and pickaxe on the club crest and many fans wear bright orange pit hats.
Osmanlspor Yeniçeriler (Janissaries Aknclar (Cavalries the club were known as Ankaraspor until 2014, when, with fortunes dwindling, the Turkish capital's mayor Melih Gökçek oversaw a more evokative rebranding Osmanlspor means Ottoman-sport.
For much of the time, Zenit does the job.
Mönchengladbach Fohlenelf (Foals XI during their 1970s golden era under Hennes Weisweiler and Udo Lattek, Gladbach became famed for their youthful vigour and quick, dynamic, attack-minded football.
Atlantic marmiton recette roulette genoise CityA struggling city by the sea.Olympiacos Thrylos (The Legend).This news-reader app supports you with the latest stories and news on profibus and profinet, the automation networking technologies used in factory and process automation worldwide.South Africa's politicsZuma's two bad calls.The wolf is the symbol of Rome.