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Prize Claim Forms will be provided by Camelot.
10.2 You lotto samstag gewinnsumme also agree that You will only use Your Account, play the Games and use the Site in keno polonia combinatii an appropriate and lawful manner.
Try Games may not display correctly on, or be playable from, all devices used to access them.Each Draw-Based Game also has its own Game Procedures that apply, and certain Draw-Based Games may also have their own Game Specific Rules that apply from time to time.7.2 If Your debit card is due to expire, Camelot will use its reasonable efforts to return the funds in Your Account to Your debit card before midnight on the day it expires.Camelot may assign or otherwise transfer its rights and/or obligations under these Rules in whole or in part to any third party at its sole discretion.Interactive Play Slip: The play slip available on the Site on which You can choose Your Selection for an Entry.13.2 Any refund will be placed directly into Your Account (or Your Pingit Account if the Entry was bought using Your Pingit Account) or refunded in any other way decided by Camelot.This includes the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in such Game.Game Procedures: A written document issued by Camelot for a particular Game in addition to these Terms, which includes, without limitation, the Game name, the price per Play, how to play, how a Prize is won, the Prize Structure and any other relevant information.Back to the top.1 You are responsible for keeping Your Scratchcard safe and in good condition.7.4 The right to a Prize is not transferable.The person claiming will need to submit any relevant proof with the Prize Claim Form, or any other form Camelot may require.1.5 You can only buy Entries and receive Prizes in line with these Rules, the Account Terms, the Pingit User Account Terms if relevant, and the Game Procedures and any Game Specific Rules that apply to a Game.Alternatively Camelot may, in exceptional circumstances and at its discretion, return any funds outstanding in respect of the Direct Debit to the bank or building society account linked to Your Direct Debit, or by any other appropriate method.Call the Customer Care Team (see the Site for its current opening hours) to arrange Your claim.Camelot reserves the right to require claims for Interactive Prizes of 30,000 and 50,000 to be made in person and for those Interactive Prizes to be paid at a Regional Centre.3.2 Subject to these Rules (in particular, but not only, the Validation Requirements and Rule.1(c (a) if a name and address is written on the back of the Scratchcard, the owner of the Scratchcard will be the person whose name and address is stated;.
Privacy Policy: Camelots policy relating to the use and storage of Your personal information (including, but not limited to, Games-Related Information as amended from time to time.
Camelot will attempt to contact You and invite You to claim Your Interactive Prize (including by confirming it should be paid to the debit card registered to Your Account) if, after 60 days from the date of the Draw, You have not claimed Your Interactive.
Back to the top.1 The processing of Your Games-Related Information will be carried out by Camelot in line with the Privacy Policy.
No interest will be payable in respect of monies refunded.
Over 50,000 You must claim Pingit Prizes over 50,000 in person.
You can view copies of the documents mentioned above on the.
10.4 There is no guarantee that the Site will display correctly on all devices it can be viewed.10th Edition (effective 31st October 2014 and amended 3rd August 2015, 23rd November 2015, 9th August 2017 and 18th November 2018).Proof of identity may need to be provided before any changes to Your name and address can be made.The Prize Claim Form must state the Account (or Pingit Account) holders name and the name of their authorised representative, and must describe the authorised representatives status.5.6 Once payment of the Prize has been made to the person shown on the Prize Claim Form or any other form Camelot requires (or that persons authorised representative Camelot and its officers, employees, representatives, contractors and any person, firm or company authorised by Camelot.Back to the top.1 Camelots decision about whether or not an Entry is a Winning Entry, or in relation to any other matter or dispute arising from the payment or non-payment of Prizes, will be final and binding provided that it is a reasonable.If You do not cancel Your Direct Debit (or delete Your relevant Direct Debit Play Slips) following notification to You, Camelot can either (at its discretion (a) make the required changes to Your Direct Debit Play Slip(s) so that it continues once the changes are.Deletion of a Direct Debit Play Slip or any changes to the associated bank or building society account details may not be effective immediately - see Rule.22 for more information.Tawny owl rescued from slurry pit.04.19, a tawny owl needed a deep-clean after falling into a slurry pit in Devon.Camelot can refuse to sell Plays to anyone, and/or limit the number of Plays that You can buy, without giving a reason.Reduced hours may apply over the Christmas and New Year period.If the Account (or Pingit Account) holder is unable to complete a Prize Claim Form due to legal, physical or other disability, their authorised representative can complete the Prize Claim Form in the Account (or Pingit Account) holders name and sign it on their behalf.You agree that when You contact the Customer Care Team, You will supply any Games-Related Information required by Camelot.